We are proud to announce our GritCycle instructor of the month for January, Kaitlin Honeycutt!

Bringing the thunder to you every Monday, Wednesday + Thursday at 7am, Kaitlin’s classes are powerful and motivating.

Here’s a little more about our “honey” of a girl:

So Kaitlin, give us the nitty gritty on you? where are you from, what do you do when you’re not getting gritty?

I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I came out to the OC about 7 years ago to get a tan, and never left. So i’m not sure if that gives me “local status” yes, but I’d say it does.

Outside of Grit I teach at Ra Yoga and I am a yoga instructor for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around Orange County. I am in my LAST SEMESTER for my BA in Psychology at Cal State University Fullerton and I cannot wait to be done and take a nap. I have a beagle bulldog puppy (she’s 4 ½) and her name is Zoey Queen Elizabeth – she sucks at helping me make the bed. I prefer sweatpants over anything and extra gluten please, yes I know avocado is extra.

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What brought you to the GritCycle podium?
SWEAT DATE! I was stoked to be hired as a seasonal 2 years ago at Lululemon South Coast and I was taken to Grit, met Dani, and was infatuated. I became a regular face in the Saddle Room and was offered a job as a front desk babe. I was mesmerized by what GritCycle and the instructors did for the people in our community – and I wanted to do that for them too. So I asked Dani, Matt and Marisa what I had to do to get up on that damn bike and I made it happen.

What was your first experience in the saddle room?
DANI. Holy damn. I have never been so hot and so sweaty in my whole life. I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or pass out or both, but I knew after I pulled it together that I had to go back and I had to be a part of that place.

What motivates you/inspires you?
You do. (yes, you).

Do you have any pre-class rituals?
Recently, I’ve been running before I teach with my best friend Kendra (we’re training for the Surf City half in February, let’s hope I don’t die) so we try to get in our runs beforehand which gets me super pumped. Aside from that, I slam some preworkout, blast my playlist in the car and get ready to do the damn thing.

What do you do when you’re not getting gritty?
What don’t I do! I try to fill my days with doing all the things, but I have fallen in love with surfing. I went out on a surfboard for the first time in 7 years about a month and half ago and I haven’t gotten out of the water since.

What’s your favorite “move” on the bike and why?
I love “the switch”. If you haven’t taken my class its when you…. Well, just come take my class and you’ll find out. It is such a great combination of all of our movements – stabilization of your core helps you work your abs and your obliques, the tap back works dat ass and the push works out those guns.

What is your favorite/trademark song to teach?
I’m all about Beast by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard feat. Busta Rhymes right now. It is the PERFECT song to get you feeling like you can f****** f*** some shit up – you know the feeling. I switch my playlists up regularly so I don’t have a trademark song, but you can expect some serious bangers if you come ride with me – censorship not included 😉

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What is your favorite food?
Breakfast. Breakfast for breakfast. Breakfast for lunch. Breakfast for dinner. Make me breakfast and I’ll love you forever.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I would do some weird shit to marry Tom Hardy and have his babies.

What song instantly gets you dancing?
Better question is what song doesn’t get me dancing.

Do you have a secret talent?
I can peel an orange in one fatal swoop. And I can say the presidents in order from my boy George all the way to Obama. I learned it in first grade and I still remember it. But I can’t remember what happened yesterday. Super weird.

Last book you read?
I actually opened a textbook during my finals – Psychology and Law.

What would your last meal be?
I thought we already went over this.

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What was the first concert you went to?
Okay, okay. Ricky Martin, but I was like 12 and it doesn’t count.

In high school what were you most likely to….?
Be in the back of a cop car. I was a bit of a trouble maker, but I think I turned out alright.

What was the last text you sent?
Naked selfie duh. Just kidding 😉

Who would play you in a movie?
Mix of Rachel Bilson and Amy Shumer – hot AF and dry, dirty hilarious.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
I love eating Ben and Jerry’s half baked ice cream in bed. Don’t judge me. You do it too.

When you’ve had a long day how do you de-stress?
Netflix and chill. But the chilling is a real thing – get your mind out of the gutter 😉

Our minds are on how much we adore you Honeycutt! Thank you for giving the Outpost some of your time and sharing your beautiful energy.

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