We are proud to announce Surfers Healing as our October charity.
We all know the healing power of our ocean surf; so do the folks at Surfers Healing.

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Surfers Healing takes kids with autism out to surf. Since 1996 Surfers Healing confronts “preconceived notions of capability” by providing surf camps for autistic children.

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Israel “Izzy” Paskowitz, co-founder, remembers the transformation he witnessed when he took his son Israelah, diagnosed with autism, into the ocean during one of his many moments of sensory overload:
“When his head popped up, a transformation had taken place; here was a happy, smiling, peaceful child. He loved it. He loved the ocean; he loved being out on the board together. And me? I was beside myself, because I was finally connecting with my son.
We could surf together, and that was enough.”

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Because of donations and volunteer time Surfers Healing is able to provide camp absolutely FREE for these kids!

But the demand for camp is growing. Once a child gets out + up on a board, and feels that thrill of empowerment and confidence, their taste buds for it get stronger—we need to keep these camps going and we need to make them more accessible.
Your donations are vital and SO appreciated.

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Please join us for a Karma Ride benefiting Surfers Healing on Sunday October 11th at 10:30am with Kelli + Marlene. It’s a $10 donation to reserve a bike, and you can always donate more at the door. See you in the saddle room.

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