For the month of September our Karma Rides will be benefitting the Orange County chapter of the National Alzheimer’s Association.

Did you know Alzheimer’s disease kills more people each year, than breast and prostate cancer combined?

The mission of the Alzheimer’s Association is to “eliminate Alzheimer’s disease with advancement for research, to provide and enhance care and support for all affected, and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.”

In addition to promoting awareness and raising money to fight Alzheimer’s disease we, at Grit Cycle, want to also provide the latest information on Alzheimer’s deterrence:

Exercise is key in the prevention of Alzheimer’s; physical fitness is vital to keeping your brain healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic regular exercise is your best bet against memory decline and lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

A good night’s sleep is also important; less than seven hours a night can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So turn off the TV. and iPad, and get to sleep!

A diet full of colorful vegetables, berries and omega 3 fatty acids {walnuts, kidney beans, olive oil,} all help protect you against Alzheimer’s disease. And even a glass of red wine {just one} is recommended to help stave off the oxidative stress of every day pollutants and toxins.

Lastly get social. And we don’t mean the Facebook or Instagram type; the face to face or voice to voice kind of connection. Social engagement is its own type of nourishment for our brains. Think of community and kinship as vital nutrients needed for mental growth and sustenance. It’s such a large part of what GRIT is about, and what we try to provide, beyond the sweat and boogie down on the bike.

For more information on the Orange County chapter of the National Alzheimer’s Association visit http://www.alz.org/oc/.

We will be hosting the following Karma Rides:

September 9th at 4:15pm with Kaitlin + Stephanie

September 18th at 4:15pm with Patsy

It’s a $10 minimum donation to book your bike, and we always accept more at the studio.

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